Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reading-- Maddie Style!

I am a visual reader. When I read, in my mind, I know exactly what each character and their whereabouts look like. I used to like it when the author would give lengthy descriptions, making it easier for me to visualize the characters. I now, however, have come to appreciate shorter ones that give me more room to use my imagination! I guess this explains why I have been disappointed in each and every book that was turned into a movie. I have already played out a movie of it in my head, and this new one totally contradicts it!

I don’t think there is a bad place to read a book. Okay I take that back. Reading while operating heavy machinery or something of that sort would probably not be recommended. Although, there has been more than one occasion where I really didn’t want to put a book down and was very tempted to continue my reading as I zoomed down the interstate. My very favorite place to enjoy a novel is at the beach in sand while basking in the sun. Pools can be pretty nice too, depending on just exactly how many screaming, splashing eight-year-olds are around. If there are no accessible pools and I’m not at the beach, I tend to read at night in bed to help me wind down. Well, that’s when I’m reading a mediocre book. If it’s getting pretty intense I may have to take it with me to wherever I had obligations to go, or maybe I’ll just cancel. Several friends yelling at me to “Put the book down!” can be very distracting after all.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Book Store Adventure; What Draws Me to a Book

When browsing a book store for a potential buy, we are ultimately required to judge a book by its cover. Obviously it’s only logical that we would be attracted to a book that features something we find interesting, unfortunately in my case this is generally food. After rushing to pick up a book sporting a cupcake, the blurbs do not quite grab me so I move on. Next I see a dark looking novel, although there isn’t any pink frosting involved it has my attention none the less! I love mysteriousness in a book, and have observed this is best displayed by a simple cover possibly showing a troubled looking character. I pick up the dark novel and read the back. The description is short and to the point, and it makes me want to tear right into it like it was the previously mentioned cupcake. One problem with this book—it’s hard cover, which can be a very attractive quality—that is, when my dad is paying.

Okay let’s surf some other options. While I’m browsing I come across several books with titles that seem as though they could practically be their own short story. When I see books with super long titles or over done cover designs, I feel like it is a failed attempted to make up for a lacking plot line or a mediocre writing ability. I think there is so much power behind a one word title; I cannot recall a single book titled with one word that I have ever been disappointed by.

Ah yes, here is a nice simple looking book I open it up to the first page and read several positive reviews. I always like to go through and read any reviews before I buy the book. I figure if all these people enjoyed it so, I certainly might as well! Time to read the first sentence... it is a decent description but not too unique. I have no choice but to hit the shelves once again! I see a cover displaying a butterfly and I shudder. Cats and butterflies have certainly never been anything I hold near and dear to my heart to say the least, so that book would never be considered. After some deep thought I decide the dark hard cover is my best bet. I give a slight shudder as the cashier rings me up, but I feel it will be well worth it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Qualifications for my book soulmate ;]

Although I have read and enjoyed many types of books varying in writing styles and genre, there are a few qualities I particularly admire. I believe that an exceptional writer has the ability to take something such as a documentation of their breakfast cereal and turn it into an interesting read, I like an action-packed read that will suck me right in! No matter how strong the plot, if you can’t connect to the characters the story is worthless. I don’t think I’m alone in that I want to be able to relate to the characters, so I feel their pain, joy or fear that is being expressed in the story. It is important to have a nice description of the setting, characters etc. but I don’t need a whole page explaining a pair of socks or something equally ridiculous. I think it’s best to keep the extra words, especially the adjectives, fairly minimal. Last but not least, I strongly appreciate comical breaks. I mean who doesn’t like to laugh? Especially in a dark or morbid book it’s great to giggle if for just a moment.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Mad Rundown: Pretty Little Liars

Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret…. “Pretty Little Liars,” written by Sara Shepard is about high school juniors Emily, Hanna, Aria and Spencer who have lost contact since the disappearance of their friend Ali--but a dark secret still ties them together. Unbeknownst to each other, they all have a secret of their own as well. That is until all of them start receiving anonymous notes signed by “A.” This mysterious “A” seems to see everything these friends do and is holding every secret against them. I loved this book and couldn’t get enough of it! Luckily, there are five more books out in the series.

Vampire Comeback

Twilight is a captivating novel about a complicated and unlikely friendship between main characters Bella and Edward. Narrated by Bella, who has just moved to lives in a small town in Washington state to live with her father. Once she begins school she is immediately infatuated with a mysterious boy from her biology class who for reasons unknown is quite obviously disgusted by her. As fate would have it Bella finds herself in strange circumstances brought on by her accident-prone nature that involve Edward’s help. The more Bella is around him, the stronger her curiosity and attraction towards him become. After several encounters, he lets on to his secret– he is a vampire! This novel is a twist of horror & dark romance, which is not usually the type of book I usually go for at all! I was practically forced by a friend to read this book! However, once I was in a few pages I was hooked– I could not put it down!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

About The Mad Rundown

Hi! I’m Maddie Wickham. I’m seventeen years old and an upcoming senior at The Learning Lab. You may wonder my reason for starting The Mad Rundown – well, that’s because it was required. Don’t get the wrong impression, I’m still totally excited to be introduced to the wonderful world of blogging! Not to mention the fact that I have pretty much the coolest “Awesome Novels” teacher ever! I absolutely love to read, although I am aware this may qualify me as nerd. I have read countless young adult books, and am currently trying to break into the adult, adult selection. I am a firm believer that books are even better when enjoyed at the beach with your toes in the sand.