Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Book Store Adventure; What Draws Me to a Book

When browsing a book store for a potential buy, we are ultimately required to judge a book by its cover. Obviously it’s only logical that we would be attracted to a book that features something we find interesting, unfortunately in my case this is generally food. After rushing to pick up a book sporting a cupcake, the blurbs do not quite grab me so I move on. Next I see a dark looking novel, although there isn’t any pink frosting involved it has my attention none the less! I love mysteriousness in a book, and have observed this is best displayed by a simple cover possibly showing a troubled looking character. I pick up the dark novel and read the back. The description is short and to the point, and it makes me want to tear right into it like it was the previously mentioned cupcake. One problem with this book—it’s hard cover, which can be a very attractive quality—that is, when my dad is paying.

Okay let’s surf some other options. While I’m browsing I come across several books with titles that seem as though they could practically be their own short story. When I see books with super long titles or over done cover designs, I feel like it is a failed attempted to make up for a lacking plot line or a mediocre writing ability. I think there is so much power behind a one word title; I cannot recall a single book titled with one word that I have ever been disappointed by.

Ah yes, here is a nice simple looking book I open it up to the first page and read several positive reviews. I always like to go through and read any reviews before I buy the book. I figure if all these people enjoyed it so, I certainly might as well! Time to read the first sentence... it is a decent description but not too unique. I have no choice but to hit the shelves once again! I see a cover displaying a butterfly and I shudder. Cats and butterflies have certainly never been anything I hold near and dear to my heart to say the least, so that book would never be considered. After some deep thought I decide the dark hard cover is my best bet. I give a slight shudder as the cashier rings me up, but I feel it will be well worth it!

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