Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reading-- Maddie Style!

I am a visual reader. When I read, in my mind, I know exactly what each character and their whereabouts look like. I used to like it when the author would give lengthy descriptions, making it easier for me to visualize the characters. I now, however, have come to appreciate shorter ones that give me more room to use my imagination! I guess this explains why I have been disappointed in each and every book that was turned into a movie. I have already played out a movie of it in my head, and this new one totally contradicts it!

I don’t think there is a bad place to read a book. Okay I take that back. Reading while operating heavy machinery or something of that sort would probably not be recommended. Although, there has been more than one occasion where I really didn’t want to put a book down and was very tempted to continue my reading as I zoomed down the interstate. My very favorite place to enjoy a novel is at the beach in sand while basking in the sun. Pools can be pretty nice too, depending on just exactly how many screaming, splashing eight-year-olds are around. If there are no accessible pools and I’m not at the beach, I tend to read at night in bed to help me wind down. Well, that’s when I’m reading a mediocre book. If it’s getting pretty intense I may have to take it with me to wherever I had obligations to go, or maybe I’ll just cancel. Several friends yelling at me to “Put the book down!” can be very distracting after all.

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