Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vampire Comeback

Twilight is a captivating novel about a complicated and unlikely friendship between main characters Bella and Edward. Narrated by Bella, who has just moved to lives in a small town in Washington state to live with her father. Once she begins school she is immediately infatuated with a mysterious boy from her biology class who for reasons unknown is quite obviously disgusted by her. As fate would have it Bella finds herself in strange circumstances brought on by her accident-prone nature that involve Edward’s help. The more Bella is around him, the stronger her curiosity and attraction towards him become. After several encounters, he lets on to his secret– he is a vampire! This novel is a twist of horror & dark romance, which is not usually the type of book I usually go for at all! I was practically forced by a friend to read this book! However, once I was in a few pages I was hooked– I could not put it down!

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