Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mad interview with Suzanne Young

Suzanne Young is the author of The Naughty List, coming out in February 2010. You can learn more about Suzanne at

(1) Can you relate to any of the characters or situations in The Naughty list?

I definitely relate to Tessa. I had to really get inside her head when I was writing the book and I’ll tell you, she is a fun girl. And her boyfriend, he’s not half bad.

2) Do you have a favorite book that you have written?

I’ve written about a dozen novels. I love The Naughty List and other than that, I have a few that I’m fond of. One of my older books is Delinquents—totally different than TNL. I tend to write serious books when I’m not working on The Naughty List series.

3) Who is someone that inspires you? And why?

My grandmother always inspired me. She believed I could do seemingly impossible things and never let me give up. My books are all dedicated to her memory.

4) What is your favorite book that you have read? Why?

Gosh, it’s hard to decide a favorite book. Some of my favorites include: The Forest of Hands and Teeth, The Bluest Eye and Looking for Alaska. A book usually has to really grab me if I’m going to finish it. I just have so many to get through. My to-be-read pile is a mountain right now.

5) Are there any certain experiences that give you ideas for your novels? Such as your daughters “soap opera's”?

I sometimes will hear a word or a sentence and then it starts my brain going. The other day someone was telling me a story and a phrase really stuck out to me. Immediately my brain twisted that sentence into a YA story that had nothing really to do with her story. Ha ha. But my ideas almost always comes from something random I hear.

6) If you were animal what kind would you be?

I want to say something cool, but really, I think I’d want to live in the forest or somewhere isolated. Maybe I’d be a bear because I’d get to sleep through winter and I REALLY don’t like being cold.

7) Can you see your daughter one day starting an undercover cheer squad? What do you see your son being like in high school?

My daughter is something to fear. I’m pretty sure no one will be cheating on her. Lol. My son is going to be great. He’s really into reading and writing. Sort of like me—but hopefully he’ll end up a little cooler.

8) Do you have any pets?

Oh, God, yes. I have a sweet older dog named Murdock. He’s sort of dumb, but we like him like that. Then I have a devil spawn named Basil. She’s a Basset Hound and the most troublesome dog ever. She spends her days torturing me. It’s her mission.

9) How long does it usually take you to write a book?

It depends. Usually I write a rough draft in 6-8 weeks and then spend a few more revising. It really just depends on the project.

10) Is there any thing else that smoothes along your writing process? I.e hot cocoa, nearby dog available to pet periodically?

Snacks. I love Reese’s Pieces. And my friends help keep me sane too. Other than that, I just need a little peace and quiet (which doesn’t happen that often) but when it does, I plow through the books.

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