Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 0ut 5 Musical Notes ♥

     Her whole life, Remy has been very realistic when it comes to relationships.  Whether it came from a father she never met, but was constantly, painfully reminded of by way of the hit song he wrote for her the day she was born; or maybe it’s her mom’s five failed marriages. Whatever the cause, Remy is always careful to keep her many boyfriends at arm’s length.  Her best friends even rely on her to be strong in these situations when they can’t.  Then along comes Dexter.  Dexter is almost the epitome of the type of guy she doesn’t date.  He’s messy, spontaneous and most importantly a musician.  Remy has long since held a rule strictly prohibiting musicians.  Although of course it’s fate that they fall for each other, but will Remy be strong or weak enough (depending how you look at it), to finally hold him close in every sense?  

    Dessen has been know for her strong, dynamic characters and those in This Lullaby were no exception!  Although they all had their various flaws, they were extremely well-developed and believable; you're sure to find at least one you can relate on some level.  There were a fair amount of people who even felt that Remy was too flawed, but I believe that it was absolutely necessary to the story and her character. The characters were so well done I couldn't help but to feel for them and the man-caused pain they were experiencing.  There were also times when I dearly wished I could yell at ole Remy; of course I couldn't.  In the end she did indeed make me proud and I put the book down feeling pleased and do I dare say even inspired?